Monday, September 6, 2010

Activity Cue?

Ever sat at your computer for hours without even realizing it, until you tried to move and couldn't? I have tried to find some sort of alarm system or thingy I could put on my computer to chime on the hour to keep me aware of the time and that I needed to move something other than my hands and fingers every once in awhile. I could never find anything until last night! I found a site with links to free software. Software that you can download and install and it does magical things. Not really, but it will chime an alarm when you have been typing or browsing for a consecutive 40 minutes. Then it will count down a 5 minute break for you. I have been wanting to get more active, so when the 5 minute timer starts I work out like crazy. And since it is only for 5 minutes I am encouraged, as I watch the timer, that the insanity is almost over, almost over, almost over...yeah! It's over. And I can go back to playing games on Big Fish Games. It's hard work but someone has to do it! :) I will post a link here, right here, when I find it again. Okay, it's there now. These programs are called RSI Prevention Software so you can google it yourself if none of the links on the link I provided look good to you. I downloaded the Break Reminder one myself. It said something about it being a trial version but I think that is only talking about if you are a commercial user, which I am not. But I am really loving it and highly recommending it! Update: it really was only a trial! Here is another link to a program called Workrave and it is not a trial version. If you want to adjust the timers right click on the window once it has downloaded and is running. Then you will get a menu and can make the adjustments you need to. I think Workrave may also be on the first link I provided but anyways I just wanted to let you all know programs like this are out there and they can help you get more active, which really is a good thing...really.

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  1. Just so you know, if your computer has internal speakers, even if your sound is on mute you will still receive the warning buzzer. I like that myself since I often mute my external speakers as I don't want to hear game music and stuff on some websites. Just a note...


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